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Wright Plastic Molding is an independent sales agency established in the 1980s. We will use our 30+ year's experience to guide you to the most appropriate vendor and get your product to market, quickly and efficiently. We are not tied to one vendor or type of molding process and will provide an unbiased idea for you to consider.

Custom Molding Processes

Custom molding is a company that takes on projects from outside customers that are not usually for their own (proprietary) use.  Custom molders do not have a financial interest in the customer or the project.

In many cases, a custom molder will have highly qualified engineers and process management on staff, and they will be able to make suggestions on how to make a product molding friendly.

Vendors can provide a variety of services: design, tooling, parts only; bulk shipping, minor assembly, packaging, and even shipment to distribution centers or customers. Selection of a vendor is based on services, machine size, machine time availability, and space that may be needed to provide WIP (work in progress) storage and final finished product storage.

What We Do

Clients have said I “rescue” product development and provide “fresh eyes” and thinking.

Rick Wright monitors results at all levels of the marketing effort insuring the parts of the puzzle are operating on all cylinders in order to verify that the customers first year success is what was expected. Part of our task is to review expectations during the project development phase, helping the customer to a practical and productive conclusion. Any sizable reduction in the results carries inventory consequences. Also, much greater results can slow delivery and in fact, if high enough, require more production capability.

Blow Molding – from small part design to very large parts-including up to the size of large chemical tanks and septic tanks. Blow molding is in 3 categories: small to medium parts, medium to large parts, and extreme large parts. The category will depend on part size and the machine size required to mold the part.

Injection Molding – The same discussions as blow molding-material, quantities and including tool costs from US and foreign sources.

Extrusion – There are many forms of extrusion. Profile size and complexity as well as material to meet the product requirements contribute to vendor selection.

Roto-Molding – can be small to very large parts that are provided in quantities often determined by color changes, number of tools required to meet demand, and often vessels that are used in the storage of any liquid.

Vacuum Forming – small to large parts that utilize both prototype and production tooling. Both single sheet and TWIN sheet production depending on the structural and product application requirements. Oven machine size comes into play and whether single or twin sheet manufacturing is needed.

Additional Services

Two-part foam used either for structural support OR insulation of products OR BOTH. Foam is a two-part urethane based product for use on a wide variety of densities, and chemistry requirements. The foam is delivered with specialized equipment that mixes both parts at the nozzle. Including a very Eco friendly Water Blown product that provides great structural capabilities and most of the insulation capability of traditional foams.

Foam is delivered using large 1,000 or 2,000 gallon cylinders OR smaller quantities in barrels and totes. Cylinders are a returnable item replaced as needed.

This program also includes one of the best dispensing equipment manufacturers in the foam industry. All from a single well known source. Shipment is 90%+ 2-3 business days!

Current Projects

Event Industry

Major events with vendor participants from the Tent Manufacturing Industry, Portable Toilets, and other commonly found necessities.

In Ground & Above Ground Swimming Pool Industries

Manufacturers of components used in the construction of pools and fully finished and packaged consumer products.

Spa Industry

Manufacturers of large components used in the manufacturing of spas and swim spas.

Health Care Industry

Consumer products used often in day to day health care.

Outdoor Seasonal Products


both static use and action toys (outdoor or indoor).

The Wright Process



It’s the conversation that starts with, “I have an idea, how do I get there from here?” or a doodle on a napkin. Our process helps you solve the problem.


Choosing a Vendor

Selection of a vendor depends on material needed, type of molding process, machine size required, projected part quantities, and the services necessary to complete the project.


Design & Quoting

Regardless of the product, the initial questions remain the same without concern for material or molding discipline: How, Why, Where, When & Cost.


Meeting Your Vendor

In connecting client to vendor, we encourage a factory site visit to put faces to names and allow client to envision their new endeavor taking shape.


How We Gauge Success

Success is measured in how the product performs – sales, reliable use of the product, durability and of course, competitiveness. Our process relies heavily on careful design, excellent tooling production, vendor selection that is consistent with the expected results, on time delivery, and the customer’s ability to market the product.


My compensation depends on the services I am asked to provide.  Early on, getting through a few communications and maybe a face to face meeting, is on me.  Once there is a common ground on how I can help, I can work as follows:

  1. Sometimes, it is a flat monthly fee basis for a specified period of time.
  2. OR-“soup to nuts” full blown project management-essentially all services from beginning to vendor selection and actual production parts. This will be both a manageable monthly flat fee and compensation provided by the selected vendor for parts delivered.
  3. Just compensation from a vendor for parts delivered, if my only task is to locate and establish a new vendor for existing tools with no new modifications.

How do you decide on contacting me? Great question.

If you have read this far, you likely need some assistance. Almost all designs begin with a hand drawn “doodle” or simple 2-D drawing.

Now is the time to contact me. Once contact is established, there are usually the same questions. Getting past this tells us both if this is a fit for both parties. So, call or e-mail, this part is on me. If just looking for a new home for existing tooling, fine as well, I do the research.

Rick Wright

Rick Wright

My background is just shy of 40 years of being involved with various areas within the plastics industries with the last 10 years almost exclusively focused on new ideas from current customers and from people that have an idea and not sure what to do next.

Here is what I am not: I am not an engineer or industrial-commercial designer. My resources include terrific people that I can turn to with the necessary experience in their respective fields. This includes 3-D modeling, tool design and tool manufacturing. Mostly, I use time to your advantage.

Early on, I was in the Military twice for a total of about 5 years.  My adult life was influenced by a strong family and Military service.  Establishing myself in the plastics Industries, over many years, has helped me to provide assistance to many different types of projects.

I travel all of the US and Canada for projects in several industries.  New ideas and inventions come along often with each getting my attention.  If I do not know an answer, I am surrounded with people that do.

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